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The Forex training course is a four part program that teaches beginners how to participate in the world’s largest business and succeed in it just like a professional. The Forex training course teaches the same techniques and trading methods that are used by hedge funds and banks and professional traders world-wide.


The Forex training course covers virtually every aspect of professional trading in a easy to follow, step by step guide because who knows better than professional traders how confusing it can really be. Through a structured approach and a logical sequence through the core concepts learning the foundational element of professional trading anyone who really tries can achieve success.

What the best part is though, this eight week training course is done all online and can be done any day of the week and any hour of the day or night. By you setting your own schedule there is no rushing and your mind can concentrate on what is most important. That guarantees that you will get the most out of the training course and be able to trade with the professionals in no time.

In module one of the Forex training course you will learn all the essentials of Forex including a brief synopsis of why many traders fail and how to avoid those pitfalls. You will learn how to understand market conditions. You will learn all about high probability entry points and how important entry levels are when it comes to succeeding in the market. The psychology of trading is also a very important step that you will learn in week one. With the wrong mind frame no strategy or technique will ever work, this section focuses on how to avoid distractions and avoid impulsive behaviors. You will also learn how to plan your trades, the best currency pairs to trade, equity management and capital preservation.

By week two you will have learned the seven black and white strategies in trading and you will be learning about the “core four” or the Thinslice trading strategies. These strategies are vitally important because they occur on a daily basis in the Forex trading market. There is a high potential for profit when these strategies are used and you will learn how to use them to your advantage in easy to follow step by step instructions. You will also be taught the “final strategies” of Thinslice trading strategies. Even though the “final strategies” do not happen as often as the “core strategies” they are just as powerful and precision is needed to work with them. All of these trading strategies will help you set up your own techniques in trading and will become an essential part of profiting in the trading market.

In module two of the Forex training course you will be observing all that you have learned previously and you will have a chance to see these strategies in action. In week four you will be attending a five hour live trading market session. Through this interactive training you will see how the concepts and strategies play out in a real time market. This part will be held through a web-cam conference so scheduling is still at your discretion. By week five you will be practicing how to identify and confirm the right entry point in the market.

In module three of the Forex training course you will have practice trading in live weekly sessions. In week six you will start trading using live capital to achieve the ten positive trades that are required.

In module four of the Forex training course you will learn chart patterns and this is where you are introduced to technical analysis indicators and there five basic categories. Week seven will include a scheduled support session with a one on one evaluation on the techniques you have learned. Through a web-cam conference a couple of your screenshots will be reviewed and your strategies will be discussed.

Refine or module number five is the final step in the Forex training course and the only one that is not done totally online. It will discuss trading styles such as day trading, scalping and swing trading; it will also discuss trading strategies such as pivots, breakout and patterns. The Forex training course also includes a two day on-site training class (in your nearest metropolitan area) where you will refine your own technique in trading. Seat reservation is required because it is a small group setting where questions can be asked and you will be walked through the whole process of live trading.

After becoming a member and completing the course you are never on your own. Membership also includes:

A direct email support line for any questions or concerns are answered usually within twelve hours and the support line is open twenty-four hours a day.

Approximately every two weeks (after completing the Forex training course) you will receive new members’ articles and/or videos and any updates on the Forex training course.

After completing the Forex training course you will also have access to the live-trade setup forum where trading topics, price action strategies and the Forex training course are discussed.

There is also a daily posting of the Forex trade setup newsletter. You will find an analysis of at least two precious metals and five major Forex pairs. Any trend bias, key levels or price action setups that are relevant will also be posted.


It is guaranteed that after taking this course and learned the skill it takes anyone can be a Forex home-trader. Everyone learns at their own pace but this eight week Forex training course is designed for the beginner, in easy to understand terms and with graphs, charts and videos to help every step of the way. Most home-traders only work a couple of hours a day five days a week, that leaves the weekends free to do what you want. Even in today’s economy after taking the Forex training course anybody can live the life of a professional trader.

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