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Don’t just look for any broker out there; ensure you get the best forex broker around if you want to excel in forex trading. Don’t just settle for anyone that hops along, get the best! Those were the words of my forex trainer as we rounded up the forex trading session three years ago. Having been actively involved in the trade, I have realized that forex trading is a worthwhile business venture for those who know how it works and a woeful experience for those who don’t. Every forex trader needs a broker; your broker is the middle man between you, the investor and the market.

Forex Broker 101

Who is a broker?

Just like in many other financial setups, a broker is a middle man usually on the side of the investor to present him the true business scenarios, advise him adequately on what things he should do and subsequently help him execute it. It is same in Forex as the broker is inevitable to the trader. For the beginner, getting a good broker is vital, but he must get more than that; he must look for the best forex broker.

How does a broker make money?

The broker does not charge any commissions on the trade made for the investor, and it appears as though he is doing some charity work for the investor, but his own profits lie backstage. When an investor makes a purchase on a currency, he must sell at some point. This sale is made at a different cost than the one made at purchase. This difference is where the broker has his payment. It might appear low of course as many of them are quite low but this figure is multiplied by several units; some thousands and some even millions then it becomes something quite substantial. So while he is not charging any commissions on the trade, the significantly low ‘spreads’ amount to quite some payment for him.

Why do you need the best forex broker?

Why not just take any broker out there? Well, the answer is simple: the best forex broker is your guarantee of success in forex trading. One’s broker must be trustworthy and one with whom he can maintain excellent communication with always. If you have a broker who neither understands what you want nor relates with you based on the goals you want to achieve, then you could have torrid business time. The broker should be on the ‘side’ of the investor and they both should be committed to the same outcome. If the investor is unable to make profits and subsequently quits trading forex, that is some ‘pips’ gone for the broker. To keep this relationship the broker must be the rated as one of the best forex brokers around.

Qualities of the best forex broker:

The best forex broker must boast a number of qualities some of which include transparency and trustworthiness. He must always be available even at the oddest of hours to attend to any issues from the investor. The best forex broker is armed with knowledge borne from several years of trading, and his judgement must be spot on as the investor relies on him for a number of crucial decisions. The best forex broker’s working gadgets must be up to date and very reliable. Any information regarding the market that is of importance must not be withheld from the investor by his broker.

Where do you find the best forex broker?

Having known exactly some basic attributes of the best forex broker, where can one find them? They are readily available around. Today, technology has brought the world into our bedrooms. One need not look far from the internet, as there are a host of forex brokers one can choose from. Some sites give forex broker reviews, populating the list with firms with high results of success as testified by their customers. Also, one can also ask around for the ones within their location. However, finding brokers is step one, choosing who to settle for, becomes the next step.

How to choose the right broker:

With the list of available brokers around, one must choose carefully who will become his broker. Do not be in a hurry. Have as many as meetings as possible before signing up with anyone and these meetings must contain as detailed explanations and verifications of anything you do not understand about the market and the trade. Even when one has made up their minds on which to use, also have a back up; a secondary broker and with these two you can try out the demo accounts and see how they respond to you in the course of your trade.

Safety and accountability of your funds:

This is very essential as the whole idea of forex trading is profit making. While the investor hopes to make some profit from his venture, it would be ridiculous that the funds he has invested have disappeared probably due to a misappropriation. This is why one must ensure that whatever broker he settles for has an impressive record of reliability and trust. Money invested by the traders must be well accounted for in all transparency. Furthermore, there must be an adequate platform for ease of access to these funds. An investor might wish to withdraw his money for some other project; there must be readily accessible funds for him.

The best forex broker must be a registered broker:

While this is not really a measure of which is the best forex broker but your ideal broker must be registered. There are regulatory bodies to which these brokers must be registered. The certifications usually come after they have undergone a number of laid down criteria. It is risky to do any transaction with a broker who is not registered, but then you are looking for the best forex broker aren’t you? Hence, you have no business with an unregistered broker.


If your dream is same as that of a lot of forex traders, then you must insist of the best forex broker as his ingenuity, expertise and diligence will ensure you achieve them in no time.

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