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Do you wish to know how to trade Forex the best way possible? If you’re a novice in the field of foreign exchange market trading, then you’ve certainly landed on the most informative and useful content there is online. Read on below as we discuss everything about Forex trading, from what the topic is all about, tips and guidelines on how to trade Forex correctly and so on.

Before we guide you on how to trade Forex, let’s first define what Forex trading is. You’ve probably heard of it from a friend or a colleague and that it is a lucrative field. This is true about foreign exchange trading, however, to reach that goldmine and start racking up huge amounts of income from your efforts, one should first be able to overcome all the obstacles and solve all the complexities that are present in the market. Basically, foreign exchange, also known as Forex, trading refers to the exchange of a particular currency for another. It is also defined as the conversion of one type of currency into another currency. The field refers to the international market in which currencies are traded virtually all day and night long. The term foreign exchange is typically called as Forex and in some cases FX.

Forex transactions cover everything from the conversion process of currencies, from a tourist at an airport stand to multi-million dollar payments made by large companies and governments in exchange for products and services that are imported from other countries. Consistently improving globalization has caused a colossal improvement in the amount of Forex transactions during the past few decades. The international Forex market is the biggest financial market at present, with an average regular volume amounting to trillions of dollars, $3.98 trillion to be exact. A huge portion of this value comes from spot transactions while the remaining percentage is directed in outright forwards, Forex swaps, currency swaps and options and other products.

There are several advantages on learning and mastering how to trade Forex rather than trade on stocks, futures, commodities or options. One major advantage of trading spot Forex is the bid and ask spread rates. Spread rates have drastically tightened in the past few years. Many internet-based Forex brokers and traders render a spread of 5 pips on European dollars, which is the most extensively traded and adaptive currency pair. Within the futures market, spreads can differ wildly anywhere between 5 and 9 pips and can become even bigger in terms of denser market conditions, which tend to occur importantly more often at futures currencies.

Another benefit of learning how to trade Forex is the margins requirements. Typically, a Forex trading with 1% margin is accessible. In simpler terms, this means that a trader can manage a position of a value of up to $1 million with nothing but $10,000 under his/her account. When compared, futures margins are not consistently altering, yet are also often predictable and measurable. Stocks are basically traded on a non-marginal basis and when they are, it can be limited up to half of the value.

Learning how to trade Forex and implementing it correctly will also yield the benefit of accessing a 24-hour market. Forex market trading happens round the clock. It starts at 24:00 CET in Asia on a Sunday evening and comes to a closing time on 23:00 CET in the US during Fridays. Though it is true that electronic communications networks are accessible for stock and futures markets that are responsible for supplying after-hours trading, liquidity is usually low and the costs rendered are of less quality and value.

Now going to the main question – how to trade Forex? Basically, the road to learning and mastering how to trade Forex begins with proper training. This is the key to emerging victorious over this fast-paced dynamic climate that the Forex market is surrounded with. Training on how to trade Forex usually comprises of enhancing your understanding of charts and Forex currency patterns, devising a Forex trading system that is effective and competitive, developing Forex forums and so on. Usually, training on how to trade Forex can go from as short as 6 months to as long as a full year. This time frame is recommended for novices in order to get the full grasp of the subject at hand.

Next step on how to trade Forex is to enter a Forex course. As you can imagine, the training opportunities are limitless and requires to be taken into serious consideration and be set with the appropriate precautionary measures. Everyone thinks that they have a system that works and that the system is ready to be shared publicly for a fixed fee. Regardless if it’s the cheapest course you can find, fees will not dictate the competence and effectiveness of the Forex courses you’re getting. Initiate your decisions on a Forex course succeeding your browsing of viable Forex trading sites and after you’ve learned and understood the basics without any costs involved.

The third step on how to trade Forex is Forex PIP. Learning and understanding the spread in foreign exchange and the pip of currency pairs will assist you in selecting an online Forex broker. You should make it a point to browse for Forex real-time quotes, which is vital if you are going to begin trading. The online marketplace is highly competitive thus researching thoroughly all trading platforms and online Forex brokers is crucial before you sign up.

Then, once you’ve learned how to trade Forex, you will now be trading online in a day-trading style. After you have cultivated a workable system and have set your stop losses into place, you will now have to understand charting and invest time on training so you can achieve a more solid foundation to start trading.


Overall, learning Forex trading is imperative if you want to succeed in the industry of foreign exchange market trading. How to trade Forex will require time and effort from you thus make sure you are absolutely certain that this is what you want. How to trade Forex is absolutely complex and challenging and even stressful at times, but once you get the hang of it, you can expect to reap huge amounts of benefits in the long run.

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